I Spy elves

I Spy Elves! Nov 17-18

We all had so much fun hunting for elves last year that we're doing it again! Market artisans are creating unique elves to be displayed in booths throughout the Market on Opening Weekend, Nov 17-18.

Pick up an Elf spotter's card at the Info Booth. Wander the Market, spy the elves and write down the booth number you saw each of them in.

  • Find at least six elves and drop your card off at Booth #30 (She's Beads) or Booth #120 (The Twisted Goddes/Mary's Softdough) in the Main Hall or #239 (Yodamoon) in Holiday Hall to be entered into a drawing to win one of these elves. Some of them already live with their families, but many are up for adoption!
  • Find 20 of the elves and be entered into a grand prize drawing where you could win $100 in Holiday Market gift certificates as well!
  • BONUS! Be among the first 250 people to drop off your qualifying card (at least six elves) at Booth #30, #120 or #239 and be rewarded with a hand-colored wooden ornament!

These are some of the elves you'll be looking for, these silly clues might help you locate them... And there are more elves that we didn't get a picture of! Plan to come wander the Market on Opening Weekend. This is an extra fun activity for families and kids of all ages!

Your reward for being among the first 250 people to spy at least six elves is a hand colored elf ornament!

Little Arvin helps out around the hat shop with his needle and thread. Bonnie Boone, The Daily Hat. Holiday Boulevard #89

This elf guards hats and wooden boxes alike! Heather Hinton, Earnest Efforts. Aurora Boulevard #14

A pair of elves, Micro and MeToo, await you under the leaves. Diane McWhorter, Ephemera. Gnome Alley #218

Dobby The Elf hangs out with lots of other fantasy creatures. Cortney Fellet, The Steel Web. Gnome Alley #219

This guy is definitely a native Northwest Coastal elf. Willy Gibboney, White Raven Artworks. Gnome Alley #195

A teeny little elf bear, hiding among the hummingbirds! Jaimee Gentile, Paintings for Hummingbirds. Pine #76

This glassy guy helps out with elf training. Sheila & Alan Pointer, She's Beads. Aurora Boulevard #30

This happy fellow lives in one of the most colorful booths in the whole Market! Dona Rennick, Dona Rennick Pottery & Quilts. Wizard Way #74

This pair is happy to be found, all smiles! Dana's Cheesecake, Food Court.

This perky elf is cute as a button! Jo Ann Siner, Button Lady Incense. Holiday Boulevard #146

As the winter approaches, this lovely elf hangs around, reminding everyone of the brilliance that color brings to the years...

This elvish troll wizard loves to care for kitties and doggies. Jill Krol, Thingys Emporium. Wizard Way #185

Sarah Sunshine brings healing and relaxing energy wherever she goes. Sharon Jakeways, Paschelke Massage Center. Holiday Boulevard #69

This lucky girl, Elfadrella, hangs out by her very own Christmas tree. Rege Shaw, Just Lavendar. Holiday Hall #239

Robbie T. Elf's best friends are gnomes and fairies of all sizes! Mary Hebert, Nissestad. Holiday Hall #230/231

Bee Pixies love to play among the Celtic knots and twisty trees. Caroline Dunn, Celtic Fantasy/Well Dunn Illustrations. Northern Lights #24

Pixie & Pixley have a riddle for you: What does nature look like when reflected in a mirror? Michael F Wolik, MF Wolik Photography. Aurora Boulevard #15

Beautiful red head Agnanya, a fire elf who lives with Glass moons and critters.

The clue for this one is in the name: Below Zenith. Katie Swenson, Hand Fashioned Porcelain. Wizard Way #142

Flint is quite creative, though a little haphazard. Heather Storrs, Hap Hazard Creativity. Market Promenade #79

This trio is really rolling in the dough. Mary Newell, Terrapin Toys. Wizard Way #120

A sheep in elves' clothing or an elf in sheep's clothing? Ingeborg Krebs, Timberwolf Farm. Aurora Boulevard #17

This elf hides in a field of wooden mushrooms... Mark (Rudi) Rudolph, Wooden Apple Woodturning. Market Promenade #191

This time of year, this elf likes to hang out on the Christmas tree, with friends, the Bigfoot family, mammoth, and Phoenix. Scott Gielish, Warmth of Wood. Gnome Alley #224

Morey and Mary are a tight-knit pair, living in a knit land. Kristine Levin, KC's Deluxe Products. Holiday Hall #254/255

Angel-ia is where selfie snow angels can be found. Search among the many destinations. Keep your peepers open. Angelia Peterson, Nod to Nature. Holiday Plaza #129

Quilt-ie the elf is waiting for you to take its picture. Judy Peterson, Quilted Pics. Yew #144

This little goblin-like elf loves being around Holiday Hall, protecting the Treasures of Crow! Rachell Coe, Treasure of Crows. Holiday Hall #249

Elvin was made from clay, but ends up full of life around ceramics! Nicole Hummel, Nicole Hummel Pottery. Wizard Way #132

These two elves stick together, surrounded by copper and metal! David Church, Forgeries. Wizard Way #110

Elvish Press-leaves dances across the lilyhouse creations in Holiday Hall. Paula Gourley, Lilyhouse Studio Editions. Holiday Hall #250

Elves ROCK the Holiday Market, especially Holiday Hall. Rachell Coe, Treasure of Crows. Holiday Hall #249

Harry just hangs around, waiting for someone to give him a burrito. Ritta's Burritos, Food Court