I Spy elves

I Spy Elves! Nov 17-18

We all had so much fun hunting for elves last year that we're doing it again! Market artisans are creating unique elves to be displayed in booths throughout the Market on Opening Weekend, Nov 17-18.

Pick up an Elf spotter's card at the Info Booth. Wander the Market, spy the elves and write down the booth number you saw each of them in.

  • Find at least six elves and drop your card off at Booth #120 (The Twisted Goddes/Mary's Softdough) or Booth #216 (Sarah Bast Studio) in the Main Hall or #239 (Yodamoon) in Holiday Hall to be entered into a drawing to win one of these elves. Some of them already live with their families, but many are up for adoption!
  • Find 20 of the elves and be entered into a grand prize drawing where you could win $100 in Holiday Market gift certificates as well!
  • BONUS! Be among the first 250 people to drop off your qualifying card (at least six elves) at Booth #120, #216 or #239 and be rewarded with a hand-colored wooden ornament!

These are some of the elves you'll be looking for, these silly clues might help you locate them... And there are more elves that we didn't get a picture of! Plan to come wander the Market on Opening Weekend. This is an extra fun activity for families and kids of all ages!

Your reward for being among the first 250 people to spy at least six elves is a hand colored elf ornament!

Little Arvin helps out around the hat shop with his needle and thread.

This elf guards hats and wooden boxes alike!

Elves like being on hats and on shelves.

Dobby This Elf looks somewhat familiar.

This box elf might be hiding something.

Cucca could be mistaken as a pixie, but she is truly an elf.

Mistlepaws is a playful little kitten in the studio.

A bowl full of elf may be on the shelf with the quilts.

This lucky Danish elf gets to help at the bakery.

Thadeus is the trickster of the Forklings.

Beardly McElf likes to use chopsticks.

This elvish troll wizard loves to care for kitties and doggies.

A very small elf can have very big dreams.

Watch out for bottled elves...

Ralphie is Robbie the Elf's little brother.

Finn the Elf loves nature, herbalism and making potions.

This little elf loves to shake, shake, shake!

Hannah keeps busy by knitting gifts for her favorite UofO fans. Go Ducks!

This porcelain elf likes to hang out on the pottery shelf.

Quincy the Elf holds love and fire.

This fancy elf is really rolling in the dough.

Sarafina Elf has come in from the woods.

Sweet Samantha may be hiding in an elf pile at Holiday Market.

Fancy hats are JoJo the Elf's specialty.


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