I Spy elves

I Spy Elves! Nov. 19-20

We all had so much fun hunting for elves last year that we're doing it again! Market artisans are creating unique elves to be displayed in booths throughout the Market on Opening Weekend, Nov. 19-20.

Pick up an Elf spotter's card at the Info Booth. Wander the Market, spy the elves and write down the booth number you saw each of them in.

  • Find at least six elves and drop your card off at Booth #67 (She's Beads) or Booth #120 (The Twisted Goddes/Mary's Softdough) in the Main Hall or #250 (Lilyhouse Soaps) in Holiday Hall to be entered into a drawing to win one of these elves. Some of them already live with their families, but many are up for adoption!
  • Find 20 of the elves and be entered into a grand prize drawing where you could win $100 in Holiday Market gift certificates as well!
  • BONUS! Be among the first 250 people to drop off your qualifying card (at least six elves) at Booth #67, #120 or #250 and be rewarded with a hand-colored wooden ornament!

These are some of the elves you'll be looking for, these silly clues might help you locate them... And there are more elves that we didn't get a picture of! Plan to come wander the Market on Opening Weekend. This is an extra fun activity for families and kids of all ages!

Your reward for being among the first 250 people to spy at least six elves is a hand colored elf ornament!

Little Arvin helps out around the hat shop with his needle and thread.

This elf hen provides the Claus's with tasty backyard eggs for their fresh nog.

This little painter is heading off to work with a tummy full of hot chocolate.

Do you think she'll get that doll finished in time for the holidays?

This little tree hugger elf also loves to go to a good baseball game.

Dobby hangs out with lots of other fantasy creatures.

This guy is definitely a native Northwest Coastal elf.

A teeny tiny fox in a teeny tiny hat, no bigger than a hummingbird!

This glassy guy helps out with elf training.

This happy fellow lives in one of the most colorful booths in the whole Market!

This little guy is both knotty and nice.

I wooden want you to get too rattled looking for this sweet elf.

Blue eyed Hansie just felt like coming to Market to smile at you!

This perky elf is cute as a button!

In the fall, Lilya Faltree dances in the Breeze with the colorful webs.

Lucinda, elf mother, is the bringer of light, but you won't find her where you expect to.

Beautiful Zaza surrounds herself with glitz, glam, gems and jewels.

Our cute troll elf wizard especially loves to care for kitties and doggies.

Sarah Sunshine brings healing and relaxing energy wherever she goes.

This lucky girl is besties with the cutest toys in town.

Robbie T. Elf's best friends are gnomes and fairies of all sizes!

Pixies do love to play among the Celtic knots and twisty trees.

Pixie & Pixley sure are photogenic, aren't they?

This happy elf is sweeter than sugar by the spoon full.

This one's such a doll that she even has a little elf doll of her own!

Happy the Snowflake Elf lives right across the street from Robbie T. Elf!

Beautiful red head Enya lives in the most bead-azzling place.

Mr. Percy Lain is perched atop a fancy egg.

BeeBoop is a very 3-D kind of guy.

Sophie the woodland elf lvoes critters so much that she has an elf spirit hat.

Plushie McPlusherson is quite the accomplished jeweler's helper.

Flint is quite creative, though a little haphazard.

This trio is really rolling in the dough.

Faeriestone Gardens is where Alban Arduan dwells.