I Spy elves

I Spy Elves!
Nov 16-17 AND Dec. 23-24

We have so much fun hunting for elves at Holiday Market! Market artisans are creating unique elves to be displayed in booths throughout the Market on Opening Weekend, Nov 16-17 AND the last two days, Dec 23-24.

Pick up an Elf spotter's card at the Info Booth. Wander the Market, spy the elves and write down the booth number you saw each of them in.

  • Find at least SIX elves and drop your card off at an ELF STATION located in Booth #216 (Terrapin Toys) or Booth #79 (Twisted Goddess) in the Main Hall or #254/255 (KC's Deluxe Products) in Holiday Hall. The first 250 people will be rewarded with a hand-colored wooden ornament!
  • Find TWELVE of the elves and be entered into a grand prize drawing where you could win $25 in Holiday Market gift certificates!

These are some of the elves you'll be looking for, these silly clues might help you locate them... And there are more elves that we didn't get a picture of! Plan to come wander the Market on Opening Weekend AND the last two days. This is an extra fun activity for families and kids of all ages!

Your reward for being among the first 250 people to spy at least six elves is a hand colored elf ornament!

Curious sock monkey elf Clove has really long arms.

Cucca could be mistaken as a pixie, but she is truly an elf.

Jannick is a flat elf with the power of stars.

Alvilda is just a little elf that likes to be worn by your heart.

Elf Jeff has forgone shaving this winter so that he blends in better when he "hangs" out with his furry friends.

Piapot cleans up after his favorite tie dye artist.

Fancy prancing elves like to meet in the forest.

These two very tiny elves like to hang out in the woodsy space under the trees. They are not easy to spot but they are always happy to be found!

This familiar looking elf helps around the house.

Malthe the Danish elf likes sweet treats.

Sam the Elf never leaves home without his friendly bear.

Finn the Elf loves nature, herbalism and potions.

Walter the Elf likes tea and flowers an awful lot.

A great outfit helps a little elf stay toasty warm.

Earnie Elf earns his elf kibble in the wood shop.

Voshell is almost as big as a flower. Almost.

This ceramic elf loves being on the pottery shelf.

Molly is the happiest elf in the leather shop.

Fancy hats are JoJo's specialty.

Seth the Elf brings you light and love.

Bellevedore likes to shake, shake, shake.

This fancy elf is really rolling in the dough.

Hildebrand is a magical wizard elf.

Vireo Elfkins can reach anything on a very all shelf.

Jauntilly Forkling is an elf with a long story.

Hannah keeps busy by knitting gifts. Go Ducks!

Anja is very happy in her soft quilted bed.

Simon is our Holiday Market ambassador. Let him show you around this magical world we have made for you.

Mistlepaws loves having his face painted.

A bowl full of elf may be on the shelf with quilts.

This Box Elf might be hiding something!

Thanks for playing with us. Gypsy the Elf will leave you something extra special under the tree.


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